About Us

Property Forecaster is an investment property platform that locates properties with the biggest future gains and highest yields. Our predictive algorithms compare, scan and rank properties by future gains and current returns. We can help you pick the perfect investment at a glance.

Who we are?

Since 2007 we have given expert advice, analysis and insight to property investors on the UK market. Combining our inside knowledge with a powerful set of search algorithms, we began developing Property Forecaster's online service in 2016.

After two years of development, testing and quality control checks our technology has evolved into the only investment focused property platform. We show buyers which property is most likely to increase in price, and which property has the highest ROI.

Investors can now make buying decisions in seconds, taking the pain out of comparing properties and calculating returns.

We account for both macro level events like interest rate rises, and local level events like nearby comparable sales to accurately predict which properties are most likely to rise in value. Our platform enables investors of all types to gain an edge, and minimise the time and hassle involved in searching the market.

We also offer extra market insight through our network of investment influencers and our partnerships with lenders, conveyancing firms and insurers.