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Posted by Elaine Cotterill 2 years ago

One and Only System Tutorial

How would I use One and Only's system to help me find the best deals.
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Elaine Cotterill - 2 years ago
1 - Once you have found a potential investment always do your own due diligence, and view it with the estate agent. Talk to the agents about rental range and do your own data, and always get a RICS survey done.
2 - Take the 4/5 bedroom properties with a pinch of salt. They are still good deals but as there is a lack of data they may need more careful consideration.
3 - Don't get annoyed if the first property you see is not working out for you, move onto the next one until you find one that is suitable for yourself as there will always be a good deal out there for you.

For a more detailed tutorial, you can check out our blog post and YouTube video in the link below.