9 May 2019

Are we killing off property Sourcers?

Elaine is here answering a question we've been asked a couple of times as to whether we are killing off property sourceres or the property sourcing business.

We really hope we aren't killing off the property sourcing business as it is a valuable thing for people who are short on time and want a deal to be easily found for them. We do hope the standards of property sourcing tighten as we sell deals all over the UK for £15 and some sourcers charge thousands for deals that may not be that good for their client.

Elaine was then asked what makes us different from property sourcers. She replied about how we can actually forecast the future markets and our AI can predict market trends and whether the market will increase or not. Some people find it hard to beleive and when we backtested we can see how well is actually works. This makes us different from property sourcers as they find mainly BMV deals and don't focus as much on future trends and forecasts.

Some property business also forget to look at these trends to see if there is a bubble or a crash is about to happen and how this might affect the deal, where as all of that is taken in with our AI.

We hope to achieve longevity this way as we can predict the future trends for properties. We hope to be around for a while and hope that we become reliable and reputable for people to use us as the place for investment.