5 July 2019

Brought a Ferrari though no money down property deals

Elaine is here explaining about a deal we did with one of ours clients that our system found for us. There is a lot of talk about no money down deals, but there are no numbers behind it so we wanted to show you deals we regularly do. This buy-to-let deal is one we did for the client who popped in to sign some papers in our new Birmingham office.

The deal we did is of a buy-to-let property we originally brought for £101,000, and we recently got it revalued for £140,000. Our client brought it for cash but if you were to buy if with a mortgage you would initially put in £25,250. Then when it is revalued at £140,000 you can remortgage with a 75% LTV of £105,000. Minus the original mortgage of £75,750 means you are getting back £29,250. This is your original deposit and an extra £4,000  so all your money is returned. 

Also the property is rented out at £600 per month and the mortgage is only £175 so you would receive a steady income from the property as well. 

We just wanted to show you the sort of deal our system can pick up and what sort of deals we regularly do for our private clients. We aren't trying to sell any courses or ask for people to join our private client as we are full up. We just wanted people to see proof behind these deals. 

If people have any more questions you are more than welcome to message and email us.