30 October 2019

Which property meets should I attend?

One and Only are here to explain to you the importance of property meets and how they can empower your portfolio and overall property situation. Continue reading this property blog post below to learn more! 

Why should I attend a property meet?

Living in the property world is a lonely place especially when you’re solely building your own property portfolio. Attending a property meet is a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people, while also being enlightened by how others have been progressing. 

A primary advantage of attending a property meet is that it allows you to feel more motivated; every time you visit a property meet you feel like you have learned something new each time you attend. It is really what you do with the knowledge that really counts. 

In addition to the knowledge you will gain, it is important to understand that certain property meets can upsell; they may want to sell a product/service of their own. You do not necessarily have to purchase their services but the information you will learn from the property meets in general will be invaluable. 

Which property meets do you recommend?

There are various property meets around the UK, however we feel the three listed below are the most valuable for your time. 

1. Property Investors Network 

Property Investors Network (PIN) set out to transform peoples lives through property 'by providing people with all the tools, inspiration and connections that they need to become financially free' (pin.co.uk). 

PIN offer property meets across the United Kingdom and are one of the most popular property meet suppliers in the country. They usually host over 50 monthly meetings nationwide, allowing you to utilise the knowledge they provide as it suits you. 

Founded by Simon Zutshi in 2003, PIN have meetings in locations such as Birmingham, Belfast, Cambridge, Liverpool and Northampton to name a new. You can select a time slot and location that suits you in the link below. 


2. Progressive Property Network

Progressive Property Network are also another option who offer a varied amount of speakers from the likes of Lord Alan Sugar, James Caan and Karren Brady. 


3. Saj Hussain 

Saj Hussain has built a multi-million pound portfolio and is very passionate on property in general. He also attends property meets and shares his experiences and advice. He provides training for upcoming property investors. 

Below is a link to a video from 'The Saj Hussain Show' that gives an example of the type of valuable knowledge you can gain from attending his property meets. 


How much does it cost?

Property meets do vary in price, however they are not as expensive as you may think. There are many property meets that are free; others usually cost in-between the range of £10 - £20. 

How many times a month should I go? 

If you really want to have a career in property, we recommend it is worth going to a property meeting at least once a month. This allows yourself to really benefit from the knowledge and keep up to date with trends while working on your own portfolio. 

If you are a seasoned investor or complete beginner in the property world, we offer a 7 day free trail for all investors. This allows you to view properties that withhold the highest yields and capital appreciation for your future investment. Sign up through the link below.