6 November 2019

Is there a A-Z of Property Rules and Regulations?

Here at One and Only Pro we recently had a comment on if One & Only Pro provide an A-Z on Property Rules and Regulations.

There are many regulations and legislation's in the property world, especially when regarding tax, tenants rights and mortgages. 

Which Professionals offer Rules and Regulations? 

Many professionals such as gov.uk and money supermarket.com offer listings of rules and regulations, which we have provided links for below.  These provide a fantastic outline of the various legislations you need to know on your property journey to give yourself more assurance. 




What if I need more information/assurance?

If you feel that you need reassuring on property rules or regulations, then we really recommend contacting a letting agent. 

A Letting agent will guide you through the whole process, looking at your property portfolio and making sure everything is compliant. 

We recommend you doing this on your first rental, where you can learn first hand and then be able to apply your knowledge you have learnt for your future rentals. 

Do One and Only know regulations?

We put regulation in the hands of management agents as they themselves are the experts. While we personally do not list every rule and regulation, we do know a general overview. We do recommend using the sources we mentioned earlier such as gov.uk or property tribes for more a in depth view.

Should I regularly keep myself updated on property legislation's and regulations?

There are always new legislation's, rules and regulations within the property world, so it is imperative for you to keep up to date with this.

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