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Property Forecaster is the unique, AI powered, investment property platform. Our system picks out the winning investments from millions of UK properties, putting the skills and insights of seasoned professionals in the hands of every investor.

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Property Forecaster has basic data that is open to all. Everyone is welcome to try the system, but to get access to our most valuable data, including capital appreciation scores, yield filter and our advanced features, you'll need to join our group of informed investors. For more information on our subscription packages, and a free 7 day trial, please click here.

For those who want a complete service with zero hassle and maximum advantage, we offer private client services sourcing, co-funding and packaging investments for both British and overseas investors. To learn more, click here.

Each property has a score from 0-10. The higher the score, the more likely the property is to rise in price.

We display potential yield data next to each property, giving a snapshot of the deal and helping you quickly identify the highest yielding investments.

Our network of property experts publishes insider guidance on the hottest investment areas around the UK.


Capital appreciation potential.
We score each property in our database from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more likely it is to rise in price. A quick glance the score gives you an instant idea of the potential for capital appreciation.

Properties which score 10 are the diamonds in the rough, once in a lifetime investments, and they sell fast. Properties with scores of between 7-9 are great investments, and will outperform other similar properties. Lower scores may still indicate a solid investment, but the majority of our clients are interested in the massive gains possible higher up the ladder.

Properties with an Unclassified label instead of a score haven't made it into our index. This could be because we have doubts about the property, because of an error when the property was listed, or a myriad of technical reasons. For legal reasons we are unable to indicate exactly why this has happened.i

To see experts back-testing the validity of our scoring system, please click here.


The UK's most investor-friendly data focusing on rental returns.
You'll see a yield percentage for properties next to the score. The higher the yield, the better the return you can expect. Yields are an easy way to compare investments if you are looking for a regular return.

The unique algorithm checks the rental yields, by analysing the actual rents being achieved by over 300,000 properties across the UK. The algorithm takes into account comparable properties and market trends so that investors can price their rentals with the most up-to-date returns available.

With Property Forecaster, you're assured of the most accurate, up to date yield data on the marketii. Within a few clicks you will be able to discover the highest yielding investments under your search preferences.


Searching is simple. Enter the area you're interested in, add optional parameters like price range, and click search. The Property Forecaster system will bring up a shortlist of possible properties, and you can click on any of them for full details.

We only list properties in areas we consider to be viable for investment, and we also strip out shared ownership, retirement and other unsuitable property types. Everything you see has been pre-vetted for investment, unlike typical property portals where the whole market is on show.

We have identified 172 key property hotspots, and all our investment properties are based around these hotspots. Behind the scenes we process every property on sale in the UK, but our members only see the ones with potential.


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iPlease note that scores are calculated on the purchase price stated, if you pay more for a property after negotiation or a bidding war, the score would no longer be valid. You should also remember that we calculate what a smart, informed investor could gain by maximising the future value, so you should expect to do the normal work of this type of investor to realise your own gains.

iiPlease note that yields are calculated based on what could be achieved if the property is in the right condition, if it is marketed to tenants in the most effective way, and if the rental price is fixed based on the maximum possible return in that location. You should expect to follow a sound rental plan in order to achieve the stated rents.