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20 October 2019

Your Property Questions/ Advice Centre

Amar from One & Only is here with a short video introducing our new Advice Centre. 

If your have any property questions please feel…...

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14 October 2019

10 buy-to-let homes for under £65k.

Looking to invest under a tight budget? See 10 properties listed here at One and Only under £65,000, that also show the best yields and return on…...

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8 October 2019

To Furnish or Not To Furnish?

One&Only is here to discuss whether landlords should furnish a property or not before listing it on the market.

The question “To…...

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1 October 2019

Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Property?

Investors can get emotionally attached when considering to purchase or sell a particular property. 

One and Only are going to discuss…...

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2 September 2019

Five technology trends in 2019 that you should implement into your Property company.

Technology is an interchanging factor in society that is constantly evolving, innovating and changing organisations everyday. 

One&Only are here to discuss various technological trends that you could consider implementing into your…...

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21 August 2019

Types of Property Education

Categories: education, property

In this blog post One&Only would like to discuss the types of property education and if it is necessary when going into investment. As Elaine mentions in our YouTube video, educating yourself on property is invaluable, the more you understand…...

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15 August 2019

Where is the Prime University location for investors?

This article will focus on the types of university accommodations you can invest in, featuring a few of most valuable university locations. 


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1 August 2019

Brexit for investors: Is it really doom and gloom?

Brexit for those who are unaware is the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union, following a referendum on 23rd June 2016 where majority of the public agreed to leave the EU. 

A lot of uncertainty around Brexit has been…...

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23 July 2019

Properties Missing Floorplans

Elaine is here answering a question we received off our feedback form about missing floor plans and area. She explains that as we get our BTL properties from Estate Agents and third part feeds we cannot guarantee that we will receive floor plans…...

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